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Our Story

Thank you for visiting Naturally Glorious! I’m excited to bring you a skincare line that everyone will love and trust. I’m often asked how Naturally Glorious came to be. It all started when I was a young adult making facials and creams using essential oils with my older sister. I absolutely enjoyed it and learned a lot about natural oils and their benefits. This newfound passion helped me with my own skin. 

Growing up, I was diagnosed with a skin condition called Pityriasis Alba. This condition left my face with white, dry patches all over. It was very embarrassing and I had to use steroid topic creams to combat it. The creams on the market that I previously used did not provide consistent results and were filled with toxic ingredients that would flare up my Pityriasis Alba. As a result, I decided to explore other options and so I began creating my own creams. Instantly, my face began to heal and restore itself naturally. Shortly after, I began receiving comments from friends, family, and the public about how beautiful and flawless my skin became.

Super excited from the compliments I received, I continued to make my own skincare for family, friends, and myself ever since. Everyone loved what I had to offer and encouraged me to share with everyone else. I absolutely love skincare and anything I can do to provide a safe and natural option for anyone looking for the same, I’m excited to help.

Founder, Gloria Cone