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Naturally Glorious Skin | It's a Lifestyle


            Many women partake in discussions about skin problems and their desire for healthier skin.  Every one of us wants to look our best.  We attempt to fight the aging clock fiercely to keep our youth and beauty.  We all have to honestly ask ourselves…do we succeed, or come up short?  If we succeed…then how?  If we come up short…then why?  There are many factors to having and maintaining Naturally Glorious skin.  We have to compute skin type with lifestyle while adding on skin conditions or problems if any.  Focusing on these 3 factors alone can help with your glorious skin care journey.



             Yes…good old water.  Do we drink enough of it?  How does it help us obtain healthier skin?  Most of us know that water is essential to our bodies for organ function, flushing out toxins and boosting our immune system.  Let’s not forget that our skin is also an organ made up of cells.  These skin cells are made up of mostly water. If your skin doesn’t obtain enough water, it will become dry and flaky.  Without this precious source, your skin will be more prone to wrinkles and premature aging.


So, how can we add more water to our skin?

  • Drink more water - everyone will have a different water intake.  Find what works best for your body.
  • Use a good moisturizer - moisturizers contain water and help add needed moisture to the outer layer of your skin.


Balanced diet

             I won’t act like I don’t enjoy a hearty meal and have a sweet tooth.  I’ve long since recognized that eating healthy by incorporating more fruits and especially vegetables can nurture our skin.  Did you know our skin regenerates itself between every 25-30 days?  During the regeneration stage, old skin cells on the epidermis (most outer layer of skin) are replaced by new skin cells.  Our diet has a tremendous impact on how our skin cells are replaced.  If your constantly eating unhealthy choices, your new skin cells may come back dull looking, uneven toned and with unwanted breakouts.  If you choose more fruits and veggies, your skin will replenish itself with all those amazing vitamins and nutrients.  You will have natural radiance and healthier appearance with your new skin.


How can we add more fruits and vegetables?

  • Green smoothies - Is a quick and effective way to get a high intake of fruits and vegetables at the same time.  There are many easy recipes online.  I have at least one everyday and they’re delicious!
  • Add more fruits and vegetables - It’s really simple to just add more to every meal.  Use them as snacks as well.  You can cook them or eat them raw.  It doesn’t matter how you like them, just add more.


            Our skin care products also play a huge role in having Naturally Glorious skin. Obtaining healthy skin can take some time and patience.  It can be a journey.  And instant gratification rarely plays out.  Be patient with the methods you use to better your skin.  Sticking to the lifestyle we’ve discussed will get you there in no time.


Are you on a healthy skin care journey?  What measures are you taking to get there?


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